CHIM: The Photographs of David Seymour
Foreword by Cornell Capa

This is a cherished "family photograph" of Chim and my brother, Bob. When I think of my brother, I immediately think of Chim. They were insepearable in their lives and deaths, and in my head.

As persons they could not have been more different--my brother, an extroverted emotional person; Chim, an introverted intellectual. My brother, a gambler; Chim, a chess player.

They covered many similar subjects during the same quarter century from 1931 to 1956, and their photographs, as expected, reflect their personalities. They both lost their lives on battlefields, Bob in Indochina in 1954, Chim at the Suez in 1956.

Most important, they both loved life and left behind a tradition in photography: their shared respect for humankind.

- Cornell Capa, August 1995

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Introduction from the book CHIM: The Photographs of David Seymour.